Car Accidents

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Tens of thousands of people are killed in motor vehicle accidents in the United States every year. At Eisbrouch Marsh, our experienced accident attorneys have seen with their own eyes how a serious crash upends the lives of its victims. Medical bills, lost wages, missed work days – these are just some of the ways your life may have been affected. You may also be dealing with emotional trauma, mental anguish, physical pain and anxiety. When an accident is caused through no fault of your own, you deserve fair and complete compensation for your injuries.

Cars traveling on a snow-packed highway with snow fallingNow that it's January, winter weather is surely right around the corner in New Jersey. There's nothing like a weekday winter storm to throw a wrench in your commute. Everything tends to be more difficult, from getting the kids to and from school, to getting yourself to work, the grocery store, the gym, etc.

School children running to bus stop in their neighborhoodWe put our children on school buses trusting their safety is prioritized above all else – above taking a wrong turn or running late. Unfortunately, our state learned in the cruelest way possible last spring that safety is not guaranteed.

Semi-truck accident in Hackensack NJGetting involved in a crash with a large tractor-trailer tends to cause catastrophic damage to smaller vehicles involved. Typically, someone is ultimately responsible for causing a crash. It's even possible for a truck manufacturer, loading company or company responsible for hiring to be liable, if their negligence caused the crash.

cars on the highwayAn initiative is underway with the ambitious goal of eliminating traffic fatalities within 30 years. The plan will address a number of different factors that impact traffic safety, including roadway design, speed enforcement and vehicle technology. The joint initiative involves a number of national organizations committed to making the roads safer for drivers, bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.

Car Crashes

From January through June of 2016, about 19,100 people lost their lives in traffic accidents on roadways throughout the U.S. This alarming figure represents an 18 percent increase compared to January through June of 2014, according to a report recently released by the National Safety Council.