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scales and gavelA local woman has sued the ShopRite store in Oakland over injuries she suffered in a slip and fall on its property. Carol DiPasquale, 55, filed a lawsuit in Bergen Countty alleging she slipped on a string bean and “violently fell to the floor” in the produce department two years ago.

swimming pool

As the weather heats up on the cusp of summer, people are preparing to hit the pools to cool off. A recent report, however, reminds parents and other caregivers that even a kiddie pool – an often overlooked danger – presents a drowning risk.

Swimming Pool SafetyIn New York, swimming pool accident lawyers have made note of a number recent tragedies. Children are particularly susceptible to suffering a swimming pool accident, as the family of a local little boy knows all too well. The three-year-old loved playing in the 10-inch deep pool in his family’s yard, a habit that may have contributed to the accident.

caution tapeOn Wednesday, January 22, a massive fire destroyed a luxury apartment complex in New Jersey. The fire raged on for 12 hours, forcing nearby roads and schools to close on Thursday. The swanky Avalon on the Hudson complex in Edgewater was destroyed 15 years after another fire demolished the 408-unit building while it was under construction back in 2000.