Neocate® Baby Formula Lawsuits

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Neocate baby formula lawsuit for low phosphorusIf you think your infant or child has developed health issues because of Neocate® baby formula, we urge you to contact the experienced attorneys at Eisbrouch Marsh. We are currently reviewing injury claims related to this product. It appears Neocate® is associated with low phosphorus, which can lead to:

  • Rickets
  • Higher risk for broken bones
  • Skeletal developmental deformities
  • Necessary surgery
  • Pain
  • Muscle weakness

In 2017, a study was published pointing to a link between Neocate® and these issues. The study assessed 51 children. The sole food source for these children was Neocate®. All had low phosphate, and 94 percent had broken bones or rickets. Many of the children improved once their formula was switched or when supplemental phosphate was administered. Although this does not prove a direct causal relationship on its own, it does point to a disturbing correlation.

Parents who choose Neocate® are relying on the product to provide nutrients and protein for children who cannot consume other types of milk. No one expects that a product like this could do harm. But unfortunately, low phosphorus can lead to a variety of problems, including rickets, which is a health condition leading to weakened bones and deficient vitamin D.

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