New Jersey Slip and Fall Claims in the Winter

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Winter slip and fall claims New JerseyAs far as winter is concerned, we aren't out of the woods yet. Cold weather and a strong likelihood of rain are in the 10-day forecast for Hackensack and Newark. And it's not impossible that we may get more snow before the Spring arrives, and certainly we could get freezing drizzle. All of these things point to a continuing risk for winter slip and falls.

In this weather, you may encounter slippery, snow-packed and/or icy walkways and sidewalks. There may also be hazards, such as uneven pavement, that are obscured by standing water or snow. All of these things contribute to the risk of a fall. Sometimes no matter how careful we are, a fall is inevitable as the physics of poor traction overtake our ability to stay upright.

Here are a few things you can do to prevent a fall:

  • Wear shows with slip-resistant soles made of rubber or neoprene
  • Wear traction devices (one brand is YakTrax) when the walkways are icy or snow-packed
  • Take small steps with your body bent slightly forward to prevent slipping
  • Be aware of the possibility of black ice, which you may not see right away as you step out of your vehicle or walk down the sidewalk

If you've already been injured in a fall this year, you may be wondering if you can pursue compensation for those injuries. Sometimes a property owner or person responsible for the property is liable, in which case you may want to consider filing a personal injury claim instead of accepting the first offer the insurance company makes.

The experienced attorneys at Eisbrouch Marsh can determine if you have a claim. We will look at whether the conditions leading to your fall should have been foreseen and prevented by the property owner. Or if dangerous conditions existed, if the property owner had a responsibility to correct those issues in a timely manner. Whether it occurred on a commercial, city or private property, you may have a claim.

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