Officer in SC Police Shooting Dismissed, Charged with Murder

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Scales---Gavel“I have watched the video, and I was sickened by what I saw,” said North Charleston police Chief Eddie Driggers. He was referring to a video of Officer Michael Slager shooting Walter Scott in the back, hitting his target five times as he fled from the car during a traffic stop.

The incident is the latest high profile case of a white police officer shooting and killing an unarmed black man. Although cases like Mr. Scott’s shooting have received intense media attention of late, the attorneys at Eisbrouch Marsh know that they are only the tip of the iceberg where police brutality is concerned.

Lawyers from our firm share the outrage of Chief Driggers over this and other incidents. If you have been harmed in a confrontation with the police, we can represent you in a New Jersey police brutality lawsuit.

Unarmed man shot down by police officer

If a police officer used undue or excessive force, causing you injury, you may be eligible for a police brutality lawsuit here in New Jersey. In the South Carolina case, Office Slager has been dismissed from the police force and has been charged with murder. Although new information continues to come to light about the circumstances surrounding the police stop preceding the shooting, none of it appears to justify shooting an unarmed man in the back.

For instance, dash cam video shows what happened moments before the shooting occurred. In an initial conversation with Officer Slager, Mr. Scott informed the police officer that he did not have insurance and was in the process of buying the car. As the officer returned his police car, Mr. Scott attempted to exit his own vehicle, was told to return to the car, and then quickly dashed out of range of the camera.

An attorney for the Scott family speculated that he may have run because a warrant had been issued for his arrest for outstanding child support. He added that the new footage “does not change the fact that at the moment the officer shot and killed Mr. Scott — that shooting was completely unjustified. And that is the key point of both the criminal investigation and the civil lawsuit.”

Police brutality civil lawsuits in NJ

Many incidences of injury done to unarmed and innocent civilians by police officers here in New Jersey go unreported on the national news even as they have a negative impact on the lives of those involved. And, indeed, such cases can be difficult to win without the right representation. Police officers can be seen as the “good guys” and evidence can be spun in misleading ways.

It can take an experienced, skilled team of attorneys to make a successful case that a citizen’s civil rights have been violated by a uniformed officer. At Eisbrouch Marsh, we thoroughly investigate each case and can present compelling evidence to demonstrate incidents of police brutality and excessive force. Don’t become a victim twice, enlist the aid of veteran attorneys who will ensure that justice is served.

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