Recent New Jersey Construction Accidents Underscores Need for Strong Legal Advocacy

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New Jersey Construction Accident Lawyers Several recent construction site accidents in New Jersey have underscored the serious dangers workers face on a daily basis in the ordinary course of their jobs. On June 5, an excavator being used on a job site near Delancey Street in Newark fell into Newark Bay, killing its operator.

According to witnesses, the construction worker was attempting to move some large rocks when the heavy machinery began to slip. Though the operator attempted to reverse out of the dangerous position, the excavator tipped and plunged into the water. Several workers raced to rescue the operator, but were unable to reach him in time.

Late last month, one construction worker died and another was hospitalized following a masonry collapse at a Maplewood restaurant that was undergoing renovations. The incident at Coda Kitchen & Bar occurred while workers were in the process of installing an additional staircase to the facility. The fatally injured individual was trapped under a significant amount of rubble, and could not be saved. Luckily, the injuries to the second worker were not considered to be life-threatening.

Also in May, a construction worker in Lakewood was killed after he was pinned underneath a bulldozer on a job site. The 67-year-old man was working to drive the machinery onto a trailer when it unexpectedly tipped off of the ramp. The worker was trapped under the bulldozers, and while emergency responders quickly labored to assist him, he died from his injuries at the scene.

Compensation for construction accidents in New Jersey

When workplace injuries occur, victims may not immediately know where to turn for help. Workers’ compensation offers one avenue for financial recovery, and personal injury lawsuits provide another. Workers’ compensation is broadly intended to be the primary way in which individuals injured in the workplace receive payment for medical expenses and lost wages. However, workers who receive compensation in this manner forfeit their ability to sue their employer for negligence.

The fact is that workers’ compensation payments are often insufficient to meet the needs of those harmed in construction site accidents. Fortunately, it may be also possible for such individuals to file third-party negligence claims against other parties who may have caused the conditions that led to the harm in question.

A skilled NJ construction injury attorney will thoroughly review the facts of a potential claim, interview witnesses and research possible workplace safety violations to determine the best course of action. Victims may be able to secure payment for pain and suffering, emotional distress and reduction in earning potential, as well as for the loss of financial support and familial relationships in cases of wrongful death.

New Jersey construction accident lawyers stand ready to help

If have sustained serious or life-changing injuries in a construction site accident, you may be owed substantial financial compensation. To schedule a no-cost initial consultation, receive a comprehensive case evaluation and discuss all available legal options, contact the New Jersey construction accident lawyers of Eisbrouch & Marsh at 201-342-5545.


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