Safety Advisory Issued Over Pedal Error and Car Accidents

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cars on freewayThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a safety advisory concerning car accidents caused by preventable pedal errors. The New Jersey car accident attorneys at Eisbrouch Marsh would like to pass this important information along to drivers in our state. We hope that as more people become acquainted with the simple checklist that the organization has suggested, our roads will be safer for everyone.

A pedal error simply involves confusion between the brake and the accelerator. Such accidents occur frequently in parking lots or driveways, but can also happen at highway exit ramps or intersections. While speeding or drunk driving may be among the best known causes of accidents, according to the NHTSA, pedal errors account for approximately 16,000 accidents every year. That’s almost 44 car crashes daily! And younger or older drivers (under 20 or over 65 years of age) are four times more likely to have such an accident.

Pedal error safety information

When a driver makes a pedal error, he or she goes to hits the break, presses the gas, and ends up moving forward rapidly – and unexpectedly. Because such incidents happen so quickly, a driver often has little time to react and the sudden acceleration can take them by surprise, which means that responding appropriately in the moment to prevent an accident can be difficult, if not impossible. This is why prevention is the key to reducing pedal error related accidents.

At Eisbrouch Marsh, we see the tragic consequences of car accidents for New Jersey residents on a regular basis. We are eager to pass along the safety information that the NHTSA has provided in order to help the drivers in our state stay safe where pedal errors are concerned.

Please take a look at the list of safety precautions that they suggest:

  • “Get Familiar”: adjust all features such as seats, mirrors, etc. before you start the car. Make sure you take a moment to do so especially in a car you don’t normally driver.
  • “Aim for the Middle”: make it a habit to hit the break in the middle of the pedal every time.
  • “Avoid Distractions”: give driving your full attention until you have completely stopped the vehicle.
  • “Be Cautious”: back out of parking spaces slowly!
  • “Wear the Right Shoes”: flip flops, boots, or high heals make pedal error much more likely.

Filing an NJ pedal error accident lawsuit

Of course, if a driver does cause injury to another vehicle’s occupants through pedal error, they are liable for any damage or loss they cause through such mistakes. The best scenario would be to avoid such accidents altogether, but if you have been hurt in an accident where you suspect pedal error, contact an attorney from Eisbrouch Marsh to discuss your legal options. You may be eligible for compensation for medical bills and other related expenses.

At Eisbrouch Marsh, we will take the time to discuss a possible car accident lawsuit with you during a no-cost, no-obligation informational meeting. Please contact our offices as soon as possible by calling 201-342-5545.


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