Study Questions Traumatic Brain Injury Guidelines

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X-ray brain injuryA new study has called into question the usefulness of traumatic brain injury treatment guidelines first issued 20 years ago by the Brain Trauma Foundation. Researchers from the Los Angeles County Trauma Consortium (made up of professionals from UCLA, USC, trauma centers, and the Emergency Medical Services Agency) conducted the study based on data from 2009 and 2010, focusing on two procedures: intracranial pressure monitoring and craniotomy. They found no evidence that compliance with the guidelines regarding these procedures led to lower mortality rates among patients treated for brain injuries in all 14 Los Angeles County trauma centers.

For lawyers at Eisbrouch Marsh, the study is another disheartening reminder of how difficult treating a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be and how serious the consequences are for New Jersey residents who have suffered brain injury due to assault, negligence, or other causes.

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Why you may need a NJ traumatic brain injury lawyer

Traumatic brain injury takes place when a person suffers substantial impact to the head or body or when an object pierces the skull. A TBI can be caused by any number of factors, such as an assault (including being hit violently on the head with an object or being shot) or an accident (such as a construction accident or car accident) where another party may be liable.

Such injuries can range from mild to severe, and may result in death. But for those who survive, the damage may be permanent and the repercussions serious. Brain damage, dramatic changes in personality, loss of memory function, and paralysis are among the more serious problems that some TBI patients face for the long term. Even injuries characterized as “mild” may be associated with permanent or semi-permanent levels of impairment that prevent a patient from participating in life and work in the way that he or she did before.

Clients of Eisbrouch Marsh frequently find that they need substantial funds to cover rehabilitation costs or to offset the drop in earning potential or income that many will experience. We fight to the end to come through for them.

Legal representation for TBI victims

The study conducted by the consortium highlights just how much the treatment of TBI needs to be advanced. Not only is evidence based backing for effective treatment lacking; in many cases, trauma centers in LA did not even follow the guidelines that were in place. Another problem that researchers found was that while the guidelines stipulate that intracranial monitoring should be performed to assess the level of pressure on the brain after an injury, there are is no clear consensus about what should be done with the information collected through the monitoring process.

The NJ personal injury attorneys at Eisbrouch Marsh hope to see further advances in TBI treatment that lead to improved prognosis for patients. But on the legal side of the equation, we pledge to procure the funds that our clients need to cover medical bills, long-term rehabilitation, and lost income.

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