Summer Months Bring Injury Risks

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woman catches little girl jumping in pool against seaLong awaited and much cherished, the arrival of summer is something most everyone welcomes with glee. Days of boots and heavy coats have finally given way to carefree living in shorts and sandals, and everyone seems ready to enjoy the outdoors.

While there is no doubt about the sense of freedom and fun these months embody, it is important to remember that vacation time also brings with it the risk of serious injury due to a wide array of seasonal causes. In order to prevent summer injuries, it is wise to become familiar with those which happen with the greatest frequency.

Top categories of summertime accidents

Accidental injuries can and do occur on a year-round basis, but summertime tends to involve a whole host of different activities which leave many vulnerable to harm.

The most common summertime injuries include:

  1. Water-related harm: Drowning events and injuries related to water sports and boating spike at this time of the year. It is essential for everyone to take significant precautions in and around the water, such as wearing life jackets, supervising children near the water and refraining from operating watercraft while impaired.

  2. Bicycle accidents: When temperatures rise and the sun finally emerges, avid cyclists simply cannot wait to hit the road. However, bicycle accidents inevitably increase during the warmer months. Therefore, it makes good sense to follow safety guidelines such as wearing helmets, heeding traffic rules and riding in less-congested areas.

  3. Playground accidents: once school lets out for the summer, children everywhere flock to parks, playgrounds and others spaces where their energy can find an outlet. Parents must remain mindful of the risks presented by the equipment installed in such venues, always making sure it is age-appropriate, sturdy and properly maintained.

  4. Firework mishaps: When used according to the instructions and with safety always at the forefront, fireworks can provide a great deal of enjoyment to kids and adults of all ages. However, each summer, thousands of individuals suffer serious injuries due to improper or negligent use of these products. Accidental fires can also result from dangerous handling of fireworks, and it is therefore incumbent on everyone to exercise great caution.

  5. Food-related illness: Just about everyone loves a picnic on a warm summer day, but it is essential that food safety protocols be followed in order to stave off preventable bouts of food poisoning. Unfortunately, too many outdoor revelers fail to ensure that perishable food items be kept at a safe temperature, with others neglecting to check that grilled meats have been heated sufficiently to kill potentially dangerous bacteria.

When negligence is the cause of serious injury

Though many instances of summertime injury can be prevented by following a few simple safety recommendations, there are too many other situations in which devastating harm is in fact the result of another party’s negligence. Poorly maintained playground equipment, dangerous food-handling practices and negligence on waterways and roadways are just some of the acts and omissions which can produce lasting disability and sometimes even death.

When this occurs, it is important for victims to know that the legal system affords remedies to pursue compensation from those responsible.

Help for injury victims in New Jersey and NY

Serious injury events can result in physical, emotional and financial strain which places entire families at risk of collapse. When medical expenses and lost wages rapidly mount, the personal injury attorneys of Eisbrouch Marsh stand prepared to help victims fight for justice and accountability.

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