Toddler Drowns at New Jersey Daycare Center

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mom_hugging_childAt Eisbrouch Marsh, we often work with families who are trying to recover from shocking accidents that result in personal injury or the sudden loss of a loved one. Incidents in which children suffer harm are certainly among the most deplorable.

Our New Jersey personal injury lawyers can help parents of children who have suffered daycare center injuries that may have been caused negligence. With our legal expertise and investigative resources, our team can help your family hold the negligent party accountable for these distressing incidents and prevent harm from coming to other children under their care. After you see to your child’s medical needs, you can rely on Eisbrouch Marsh to guide your family through the legal process.

Bereaved parents mourn their children

The loss of a child is an unspeakable outrage, particularly when the death could have been prevented. The family of a 15-month-old toddler from New Jersey was left with little more than memories after the little boy died in a drowning incident at a daycare center in Millville. The drowning occurred in November 2014. According to police investigators, the daycare worker was supervising a group of children on the porch outdoors. She left the children on their own when she went inside to see to another child. When she returned to the porch, the little boy was missing. He was found in a goldfish pond on the property with less than one foot of water in it. Police investigators had urged other families to avoid bringing their children to that daycare center until their investigation was complete.

It is every parent’s nightmare to see their child hurt as a result of an act of negligence. Sometimes, children at daycare centers are injured in an intentional act, which may lead to both criminal charges and a civil lawsuit. Such was the case when a daycare worker in Waco, Texas was found to have allegedly administered Benadryl to the children under her care without the authorization of parents. Reportedly, she did so to force the children to sleep at naptime. Unfortunately, a four-month-old girl never woke up from her nap and the medical examiner determined that the cause of death was a Benadryl overdose.

Holding negligent daycare workers accountable

In the past, courts have ruled that daycare centers are primarily expected to provide supervision – rather than education – to children in order to safeguard their well-being. This means that they can be held liable for injuries inflicted on children under their care. The NJ daycare injury lawyers at Eisbrouch Marsh will demand that a daycare center be held liable for negligence if there is evidence of inadequate supervision. For example, there may be an improper ratio of children to daycare workers.

The court may consider other factors pertaining to the case, such as whether the child suffered harm as a result of unsanitary or dangerous conditions at the daycare center. Daycare workers are required to take precautions to prevent reasonably foreseeable incidents, such as guarding children from tripping hazards or toxic substances.

New Jersey daycare injury lawyers fight for justice

If your infant or toddler has suffered injury or wrongful death while at daycare, you can fight for justice with the help of our highly skilled child injury attorneys. We understand that it can be difficult to think of legal matters when your child is injured and that it’s impossible to truly compensate your family for such a loss.

However, our legal team would like to help you make sure that no other child comes to harm because of reprehensible acts of negligence. The aggressive litigators at Eisbrouch Marsh are offering complimentary and confidential case reviews to New Jersey parents. Call 201-342-5545 and let us know how we can help your family.


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