Watch Out for Dangerous Toys This Holiday Season

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mom_hugging_childThe team at Eisbrouch Marsh would like to wish New Jersey and New York families a very merry holiday season. As product liability lawyers, we understand all too well the devastation that can be caused by defective products, and we hope that everyone enjoys a safe holiday this year.

In that spirit, we would like to call parents’ attention to a very serious matter that could affect their children’s health. Although it may seem as though toy manufacturers must abide by very strict safety protocols, dozens of dangerous toys are released each year that have the potential to cause harm to children.

Parents can review a recently released list of popular toys in 2014 that may present safety hazards to youngsters.

WATCH warns of dangerous toys

World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. (WATCH), a consumer watchdog organization, issued a press release recently that details their list of 2014’s most dangerous toys. The press release emphasized that the list is by no means complete. The top 10 list is instead intended to be used as a representative sampling of the types of dangerous toys that could be making their way into children’s hands this year.

In creating this list, WATCH noted that the overriding theme for this year was toy manufacturers’ alleged interest in promoting sales over safety by issuing misleading warnings and creating products with hidden hazards.

Many of this year’s dangerous toys were created to “capitalize on the fan frenzy created by blockbuster movies or hit television shows by riding the coattails of these popular programs,” the group said in the press release. For example, bow and arrow toys have become increasingly popular this year thanks to the Hunger Games trilogy.

In its press release, WATCH also noted the alarming prevalence of dangerous toy recalls, which may set the stage for lawsuits filed by toy defect lawyers in New Jersey and beyond. In fact, in 2012 alone, there were 11 reports of deaths of children under the age of 15, apparently caused by dangerous toys, along with about 265,000 toy-related injuries in the U.S.

Types of dangerous toys

Recognizing the recent craze over bow and arrow toys, the first toy on the WATCH list of dangerous items is the Air Storm Firetek Bow manufactured by Zing. This object warns users not to aim the arrows at people or animals; not to play with the toy in complete darkness; and not to pull the arrows back at more than half strength. As WATCH points out, it’s unlikely that a child would heed these warnings, particularly a child in the recommended age group for the toy: Eight years and up.

The second toy on the list is the Radio Flyer Ziggle, which is a type of seated scooter contraption for kids ages three to eight. WATCH warns of the misleading labeling on this product, which encourages kids to “race around the block,” “try new tricks,” and “swerve & spin.” WATCH also points out that although the item encourages kids to wear helmets, the child featured on the box itself is not wearing one.

Other dangerous toys on the list are self-explanatory as to why they made the cut, such as the CataPencil, a device that launches these pointy objects into the air. The SWAT Electric Machine Gun, Bottle Rocket Party, and the True Legends Orcs Battle Hammer also made the list.

WATCH notes that detailed replica firearms that look very similar to real firearms have resulted in numerous deaths in recent years. The organization stopped short of mentioning that there have been cases in which police officers have shot and killed children wielding such weapons because they do indeed look like real guns.

Contact a NJ child injury attorney right away

Toy manufacturers have a responsibility to make sure the products they sell are safe for children to play with. Breach of this trust is a reprehensible action. Families throughout New York and New Jersey can consult lawyers who handle dangerous toy cases to hold negligent manufacturers responsible for their children’s injuries or deaths.

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