What Are Hernia Mesh Complications?

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Woman with defective hernia mesh New JerseyHernia mesh is an important surgical device. It repairs hernias, which many people experience in their lifetime. Unfortunately, several mesh products have caused serious complications. Some have been recalled by the FDA. A device that causes problems is devastating for the person who was hoping to have their hernia repaired.

If you experienced a complication, you may be entitled to pursue compensation. Our experienced New York and New Jersey attorneys are currently reviewing claims related to all brands and types of surgical hernia mesh. For a free case review, please call us in New Jersey at 201-342-5545, or in New York at 212-643-0044.

Potential for Severe Complications

Although all surgical devices come with the risk of certain complications, the manufacturer has a duty to inform physicians of each and every risk. Past lawsuits have alleged that certain manufacturers knew of the risk of certain complications but did not properly warn doctors and consumers. New claims arise to this day.

Some of the serious complications mesh patients report include:

  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Recurrence of the hernia
  • Adhesion of tissues
  • Migration of the mesh
  • Shrinkage of the mesh

These circumstances often require surgical removal and replacement of the device. In some cases, damage to organs and tissues requires further surgery and medical treatment. The pain, expense and stress of these complications are significant. You deserve the opportunity to hold the responsible party accountable.

What Exactly is Hernia Mesh?

These medical devices are used to repair hernias in various areas of the body. The mesh looks like a screen. It's a flat piece of material with holes in it. It is placed over the area of the hernia.

A hernia occurs when an organ bulges out of a weak spot in the muscle or connective tissue. Common areas for hernias are the groin/upper thigh and the abdomen. Hernias can be very painful. They may obstruct bowel movements. Lifting and other physical exertion can become painful when a hernia is present. When the hernia can be pushed back in by a doctor, the mesh is supposed to provide necessary reinforcement.

Which Hernia Mesh Types Have Been Recalled?

Justice for hernia mesh complications in NYCManufacturers who have had certain hernia mesh products recalled include:

  • Atrium Medical Corporation
  • Bard Davol
  • Ethicon

This does not mean that all mesh products from these manufacturers were recalled, only certain models. Specific products recalled include:

  • Bard Composix Kugel Mesh X-Large
  • Proceed Surgical Mesh
  • All sizes of C-QUR Edge Mesh, C-QUR TacShield, C-QUR V-Patch Mesh

This is not in any way an exhaustive list. There are many more that have been recalled in years past, and most likely, more that could be recalled in the future.

Find Out If You Have a Claim

Have you experienced a complication from a hernia mesh implant? Have you had to undergo revision surgery as a result? You may be able to pursue compensation and justice in a claim handled by our experienced attorneys. For a free case review, please call Eisbrouch Marsh in New Jersey at 201-342-5545, or in New York at 212-643-0044. We proudly fight on behalf of people from across the region, including Newark, Hackensack and New York City.