Why Hasn’t a Toyota Camry Hybrid Recall Been Issued?

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Toyota Brake Defect LawyersIf you or a loved has been in an accident or have otherwise suffered injuries or losses due to defects in a Toyota Camry Hybrid, it’s important to know your rights. Toyota has been negligent in failing to issue a Toyota Camry Hybrid recall for the brake problems associated with this vehicle, putting the public at great risk. If you have suffered financial or other losses because of problems with a Camry Hybrid, you may have sufficient grounds to file a Toyota brake defect lawsuit.

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Toyota Camry Hybrid brake issue

Toyota recently announced two free power-brake repair programs for owners of nearly 178,000 Toyota Camry Hybrids manufactured from 2007 to 2011. The program was launched as a result of a federal investigation earlier in the year revealing two different potential component failures. Consumers are able to have repairs completed free of charge now through June 30, 2017. Owners who haven’t experienced issues with their vehicle are still eligible for the repairs and those who have already paid for them on their own can seek reimbursement.

The automaker began notifying consumers of the program in July, but has not indicated any plans to issue a recall, despite potentially huge safety risks caused by the defects. One problem stems from a clogged brake-fluid reservoir filter, that could trigger one or more brake-system dashboard warning lights and the temporary loss of front brake assist. This means in some cases the car could abruptly require considerable brake pedal effort.

A hazardous ABS brake actuator is the root of the second issue. If this fails, warning lights will turn on and the driver may need to give the brake pedal a significant push to stop the car, but the ABS function won’t activate. Another related problem results from a potentially defective “brake pedal stroke sensor,” which can be fixed with a new actuator and replacement or by reprogramming the stroke sensor computer chip.

The actuator issue is covered under a warranty extension offering coverage for 10 years or 150,000 miles. However, the extension is only available to owners who have experienced the problem.

NHTSA investigates Toyota

Toyota’s decision to offer the repair programs was based at least in part on a number of complaints filed against the auto manufacturer with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Owners have complained of brake issues such as increased pedal effort and loss of performance for the past several years.

In January, the NHTSA opened an official inquiry with Toyota, requesting its record of complaints and other information. The NHTSA found 59 complaints of defective brakes. While this request only applied to 2007 and 2008 Camry Hybrids, Toyota ultimately launched the service program including vehicles manufactured from 2007-2011.

Consumer Reports notes the number of power-brake complaints for the two model years noted has actually grown to 269, resulting in 14 crashes and five injuries. The public watchdog group is calling for a Toyota Camry Hybrid recall.

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