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September 06, 2018
This Tuesday marks 17 years since the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, as well as the related attack on the Pentagon and the plane crash in Pennsylvania. Nearly 3,000 people were killed that day. What some don't realize is that those attacks continue to claim lives through... Read Full Post
August 15, 2018
Getting involved in a crash with a large tractor-trailer tends to cause catastrophic damage to smaller vehicles involved. Typically, someone is ultimately responsible for causing a crash. It's even possible for a truck manufacturer, loading company or company responsible for hiring to be liable, if... Read Full Post
Category: Car Accidents
July 27, 2018
The most recent statistics available from the New Jersey State Police show that deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents rose in 2016 compared to 2015: There were 48 more deadly crashes There were 40 more fatalities 570 deadly crashes occurred in our state in 2016 602 people were killed as a result... Read Full Post
Category: Car Accidents
July 11, 2018
The World Trade Center terrorist attacks had lasting effects on first responders' health, including weekly new diagnoses of cancer and other illnesses caused by the toxic dust, fumes and particles released by the attacks not only at the WTC, but also at the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA. The World... Read Full Post
June 28, 2018
In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks that shocked our city to the core and forever changed the history of our country, the unimaginable was met with the kind of grit and generosity of spirit that runs deep in New Yorkers. So many acted with bravery in the response, rescue, recovery and... Read Full Post
June 20, 2018
An appalling scam is directed at victims of the September 11th World Trade Center attacks, specifically those victims who are receiving, applying for, or potentially eligible for compensation from the Victim Compensation Fund (VCF). At Eisbrouch Marsh, we fight passionately on behalf of New Yorkers... Read Full Post
June 07, 2018
Attorney David Eisbrouch is representing a former Bergen Catholic wrestler in a civil lawsuit against Bergen Catholic High School, certain coaches. The wrestling team at Bergen Catholic High School is ranked in the top teams nationally. Our civil suit holds responsible Bergen Catholic High School,... Read Full Post
Category: News
May 30, 2018
May was National Bike Month, and at the closing of the month, we'd like to take the opportunity to provide tips for safer cycling. The two-wheeled lifestyle is popular in New Jersey and across the region. Whether you bike to save money, improve your health, reduce your carbon footprint or simply... Read Full Post
April 20, 2018
If you were seriously injured as a result of someone else's negligence, then you may have a personal injury claim. You deserve justice as well as compensation for all of the losses, expenses and consequences you have suffered, which may include: Medical bills Loss of wages Pain and suffering... Read Full Post
Category: Personal Injury
March 08, 2018
If you think your infant or child has developed health issues because of Neocate® baby formula, we urge you to contact the experienced attorneys at Eisbrouch Marsh. We are currently reviewing injury claims related to this product. It appears Neocate® is associated with low phosphorus, which can... Read Full Post
Category: Product Liability