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June 05, 2015
In New York, swimming pool accident lawyers have made note of a number recent tragedies. Children are particularly susceptible to suffering a swimming pool accident, as the family of a local little boy knows all too well. The three-year-old loved playing in the 10-inch deep pool in his family’s... Read Full Post
Category: Premises Liability
June 01, 2015
Long term data recently published about the Essure contraceptive device suggests that it may pose risks of serious complications for some women.  This data will come as no surprise to the more than 16,000 women who have filed complaints with its original manufacturer between the years 2011 and 2013... Read Full Post
May 13, 2015
A family tragedy has driven two physicians into a pitched battle with the Food and Drug Administration over the use of power morcellators in gynecologic procedures. The battle, closely watched by defective medical device attorneys at Eisbrouch Marsh, is over the use of the instruments, which are... Read Full Post
May 11, 2015
Incidences of teen distracted driving in New Jersey is on the rise, along with concerns over the problem. In 2011, 3,331 people lost their lives and another 387,000 were injured in crashes that involved distracted driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Now... Read Full Post
April 29, 2015
New legislation proposed in the Senate in March would substantially update information disclosure requirements pertaining to asbestos-containing products. NJ mesothelioma attorneys at Eisbrouch Marsh see this as a positive step designed to prevent exposure to potentially cancer-causing material,... Read Full Post
Category: Product Liability
April 20, 2015
The NJ motorcycle accident attorneys at Eisbrouch Marsh understand the hazards facing motorcyclists in New Jersey and are staunch advocates for the legal rights of these victims. Unfortunately, crashes involving motorcycles are all too frequent in our state and victims often face much more dire... Read Full Post
Category: Car Accidents
April 15, 2015
In 2013, 10 percent of all fatal auto crashes and 18 percent of all crashes that led to injuries were the result of distracted drivers. This equals 3,154 fatalities and 424,000 victims of injuries, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Distracted driving is such... Read Full Post
Category: Car Accidents
April 07, 2015
Handheld devices including mobile phones have become so ubiquitous, particularly among the young, that it should come as no surprise that a dangerously high number of drivers are using theirs while attempting to safety operate a vehicle. Unfortunately, a new study undertaken by a research team from... Read Full Post
Category: Car Accidents
April 04, 2015
Takeda Pharmaceuticals has offered a $2.2 billion Actos settlement to resolve current claims that the diabetes medicine causes bladder cancer, sources say. The offer was disclosed to Bloomberg News by three sources close to the company who wish to remain anonymous because they do not have... Read Full Post
Category: Dangerous Drugs
April 03, 2015
A fire that destroyed a luxury apartment complex in Edgewater in January is now the subject of an investigation and a lawsuit. The fire, which occurred on January 22 at Avalon on the Hudson left 1,000 New Jersey residents homeless and also took the lives of a number of pets. The Edgewater police... Read Full Post
Category: Personal Injury