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August 12, 2014
Boating is one of America’s greatest past times, but it can quickly turn dangerous when people behave in a reckless and dangerous manner. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a boating accident, it’s important to know your rights. The New Jersey boating accident lawyers at Eisbrouch... Read Full Post
Category: Personal Injury
August 09, 2014
If you or a loved has been in an accident or have otherwise suffered injuries or losses due to defects in a Toyota Camry Hybrid, it’s important to know your rights. Toyota has been negligent in failing to issue a Toyota Camry Hybrid recall for the brake problems associated with this vehicle,... Read Full Post
Category: Product Liability
August 06, 2014
Hospital malpractice lawyers recently filed a lawsuit against Staten Island University Hospital and Dr. Leonid Gorelik on behalf of Rinat Dray, a 35-year-old mother from Brooklyn who suffered a terrifying C-section against her will. Mrs. Dray had already given birth via cesarean section twice and... Read Full Post
August 06, 2014
Ford safety defect recall lawyers at Eisbrouch Marsh are currently reviewing claims for individuals affected by the recent vehicle recalls. If you have suffered injury due to Ford auto defects or have incurred financial losses, you may be entitled to compensation for decreased resale value and/or... Read Full Post
Category: News
July 29, 2014
In a record-breaking medical malpractice settlement, Johns Hopkins Hospital has agreed to pay $190 million in compensation to women whose pelvic exams were secretly recorded by one of the hospital’s doctors. The settlement will involve thousands of women in a series of violations that goes back as... Read Full Post
Category: Recent Settlements
July 11, 2014
Penalties facing drunk drivers continue to increase in severity across the nation, with mandatory sentencing for DUI offenders much more common than ever before. Individuals who are convicted of DUI in New Jersey, for example — even those who are first-time offenders—may have an ignition interlock... Read Full Post
Category: Car Accidents
June 28, 2014
Six years to the day after a crane accident took the lives of two construction workers, a judge has declared a mistrial in the case against the crane operator. Judge Manuel Mendez declared the mistrial before court proceedings got fully underway, due to a car crash that left crane owner James Lomma... Read Full Post
June 26, 2014
Allegations that Johnson’s Baby Powder may cause women to develop ovarian cancer have surfaced once again in a talc powder cancer lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois. The complaint dated May 23, 2014 by Barbara Mihalich seeks class-action status to include all... Read Full Post
Category: News
June 20, 2014
More than 80 plaintiffs have filed a GM ignition switch recall lawsuit against General Motors. Most of the civil lawsuits seek recovery for economic damages, including repair costs and decreased resale value on approximately 2.6 million vehicles since February. Average depreciation claims could... Read Full Post
Category: Product Liability
June 20, 2014
Several recent construction site accidents in New Jersey have underscored the serious dangers workers face on a daily basis in the ordinary course of their jobs. On June 5, an excavator being used on a job site near Delancey Street in Newark fell into Newark Bay, killing its operator. According to... Read Full Post