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November 16, 2016
A fuel transfer resulted in an explosion and injuries to a construction worker involved in the accident. The worker was taking steps to transfer fuel from an underground tank when the device apparently caught fire, which led to an explosion. The worker was being treated for first and second-degree... Read Full Post
November 03, 2016
A local woman has sued the ShopRite store in Oakland over injuries she suffered in a slip and fall on its property. Carol DiPasquale, 55, filed a lawsuit in Bergen Countty alleging she slipped on a string bean and “violently fell to the floor” in the produce department two years ago. DiPasquale... Read Full Post
Category: Premises Liability
October 25, 2016
An initiative is underway with the ambitious goal of eliminating traffic fatalities within 30 years. The plan will address a number of different factors that impact traffic safety, including roadway design, speed enforcement and vehicle technology. The joint initiative involves a number of national... Read Full Post
Category: Car Accidents
October 18, 2016
Since its launch last July, Pokemon GO has garnered more than 15 million gaming enthusiasts around the world who are tasked with capturing animated creatures that seemingly pop into their real world environs. While some have praised this mobile gaming craze for promoting physical activity, there is... Read Full Post
Category: Car Accidents
October 11, 2016
A major change is coming to the way nursing homes and their residents negotiate contracts. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced that all long-term care facilities that receive any compensation from Medicaid and/or Medicare will be barred from imposing mandatory, pre... Read Full Post
Category: Personal Injury
October 04, 2016
Falls are the leading cause of injury and death among the elderly in the United States, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The report finds that an older American falls every second of every day, leading to thousands of injuries, emergency room... Read Full Post
Category: Personal Injury
October 03, 2016
We at Eisbrouch Marsh Law Offices are speechless about the unfolding tragedy in northern New Jersey. The reports are still coming in, but what is known as that a Hoboken commuter train crashed into the station. So far, there has been at least one fatality and somewhere in the vicinity of 100... Read Full Post
Category: News
September 30, 2016
From January through June of 2016, about 19,100 people lost their lives in traffic accidents on roadways throughout the U.S. This alarming figure represents an 18 percent increase compared to January through June of 2014, according to a report recently released by the National Safety Council. The... Read Full Post
Category: Car Accidents
September 14, 2016
A recent study published in the medical journal Academic Pediatrics has revealed that an alarming number of children under the age of 5 are harmed each year while placed in the strollers and car seat carriers on which their parents rely. According to lead author Kristen Roberts from Nationwide... Read Full Post
Category: Product Liability
September 07, 2016
In an effort to stem the tide of traffic fatalities involving large vehicles, federal regulatory agencies are proposing mandatory installation of speed limiting devices on all heavy trucks and other vehicles weighing at least 26,000 pounds. The concept, currently being championed by the National... Read Full Post
Category: Car Accidents