Manhattan Pedestrian Accident

Accepting Clients Throughout New Jersey Including Hackensack, Bergen County, Newark & Essex County

$ 5.75 million


FACTS: Our client was walking with the light in a Manhattan crosswalk when she was struck by a private sanitation truck making a right hand turn into the middle of the crosswalk. Our client, a 43-year-old woman at the time of the accident, sustained traumatic crush injuries to both legs that required 11 surgeries and skin graft procedures.

In addition to the enormous pain and suffering she endured, she was unable to work for approximately 6 months.

One month before trial, the client still was showing visible deformities and complaining of pain and discomfort while walking. It had been determined that scarring from the accident would be permanent. Ultimately,we were able to procure a sizable settlement in the amount of $ 5.75 million without having to take the case before a jury.